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Our Airport protocol services are specially designed with the cultivated, well manner, helpful and extraordinary professional male and female executive protection agents. These professionals make sure to have the control over all the activities of our clients. Airport services which we provide are comprised of two types of services.


 We provide the duties of various types in the departure category. These include;

Receiving the Client

Our special staff makes sure that client is secure and reach at the airport. This is the duty of our specialized Executive protection agents (male or female) to receive the VIP guests from the reception on the time of departure. If there is any executive group which is availing out airport protocol services then the executive protection agents make sure all the members are collaboratively present on the reception desk at airport. 

Check-in formalities

Our staff makes sure that all the formalities regarding the executive check-ins are done properly. The trained staff will guide clients about the seats and airways procedures. They will make sure clients are checked in on time. This is the special services which we offer to our executives. Besides our staff, we also help our clients in hiring most proficient and experienced porter/facilitation services at the airport which helps the client through customs, Airports security force checks, screening and help in briefing area for check-in e.t.c.

Attending the client       

All our executive clients are the first priority of our staff. We make sure not only to respond the queries but also to make sure that they are getting proper attention. Our staff will attend them on all the points till their departure. This is very important for us to make sure that not only the clients get into the airplane safely but also, they are well managed and satisfied from our services. 


Receiving at airport

Our Executive protection agents are trained and well conversant with airport environments and protocol services needed for any high profile dignitaries, executives. Our guests will be received at the airport by our trained executive protection agents. Our executive protection agent are present at the airport to receive the client and are taken under protection escorted to the desired vehicles. The executive protection remains with the clients till they reach the destination. 

Executive & CIP (Commercially important personalities) lounge

Our special team will arrange the executive and CIP lounges and the hotel bookings. This protocol service also involves taking care of the bookings at the airport’s executive and CIP lounge to provide world class facilities to our customers. 

Transport arrangements

All the transport related facilities will also be done by our professional staff. All the executives will get into their transports directly from the executive or CIP lounges. 

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