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Selection of right security company is a difficult phenomenon for the clients. The is mushroomed with number of security companies having licenses/unlicensed. Right selection of the security company always help the client for the purpose the security company is being hired is met in totality. Our endeavor is to always come up to the desired security standards expected by our clients. We are one of the most trusted Unarmed security guarding service providers. Our high-end security services include providing best unarmed security guards, which are properly trained and experienced to our customers who put their trust on us. The staff which we provide is not only trained for dealing all the security scenarios at a very professional level. We also make sure that our unarmed security guards are trained and capable of handling any kind of situation arises in relation to the security to our esteemed clients. 

Unarmed Security Guarding Services we provide

Our services are extremely professional. The guards which we provide are trained in different categories of the unarmed security guarding, according to the type of security required by the client. 

Building security

Our guards are properly expert of keeping the check all around the building. They keep a keen eye on all the things which are happening around the client’s building. These professionals also make sure that surroundings of the building is well searched and combed so there is no trouble maker around. Gate-house officers, Foot-patrol officers, Vehicle-patrol officers, Control-room and CCTV-monitoring officers are included in this category of unarmed guards for the building security. These officers make sure they have a keen eye over all the suspicious activities before anything dangerous happens. Their motive is to maintain the safety of the place or the setting assigned to them.

Entrance Security

For the entrance security there are guards who will check the detail of the people who enter or exit the building or site. These guards will also make sure that all the visitors are clear. Their duty is to maintain the balance of the masses inside and outside the building. These unarmed guards also guide the visitors and report the details of each visitor to the client as well. 

Executive Security

For the executive security center our guards take their position on different centers. They make sure to cover each and every place of the building or the site. A group of guards, depending on the requirement is assigned to keep the check over the security cameras. They all are connected and synchronized in such a way that they keep on informing each other regarding all the situations at their site. 

the staff which we provide in the Unarmed Security Guarding Services might not be equipped with the weapons, but they act as the peacemaker by keeping the client informed about the safety conditions in the building. They are trained to have the different sort of rhythmic synchronization with one and other that they perform their tasks excellently. This staff also included the female unarmed guards. For the soft image at the shopping malls, public dealing offices, we provide security guards, with a soft image (un-armed without uniform), they are properly dressed in civil clothing as per the requirements of the client which include male and female security personnel.

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