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We understand that most of the people have different requirements for their security and this is the reason why we to accommodate every client in their style. Most of the foreign dignitaries, celebrities, politicians, and famous personalities want to have special protection vehicles. We facilitate them with the security as well as the transport which is well protected. This includes the bulletproof cars, SUV’s, 4×4 vehicles, jeeps etc. These cars are highly premium and developed keeping it under consideration that the protection of the client is our first priority.

Highly qualified staff

Not only the vehicles but our staff, which includes the driver and the guards are also highly trained professionals. Our drivers are trained for the defensive driving and handling the emergency scenarios. The guards which we provide take care of the situation, keeping the trouble and the trouble makers away. We have Pakistan army special services group (SSG) retired commandos and executive protection agents who provide services of protection and driver as well.

Premium interior and outlook

Our vehicles are not only designed for the protection of the clients but they are also very good looking. We are offering high-end world-class brand vehicles for the clients. We offer all kinds of vehicles for protection as well as for travelling.