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April 12, 2017
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Historical background of Security Guard

World’s most difficult and tough job is a job of Security Guard where on job take in risk your life to save other life .We have listened and watching since birth movies and stories about heroes but in real life these are the real heroes. Want discuss some History of Security guard.
A Security guard, also known as security officer , watch man  or security personnel, is hired to pretend and save our essential all assets kind of buildings, Houses , Cars , Our life , Our Family , lockers etc from imminent danger  by implementation of preventive measures. Security Guards are usually uniformed with a weapon and officially trained for all kind of circumstances . Security Guards take eyes on each abnormal and normal actions which happening over there and taking action to prevent crime or minimize damage to life, assets and property.Portrait of Scottish-born American private detective Allan Pinkerton (1819 – 1884) who founded the world’s first and most famous private security service, the Pinkerton Agency which exists to this day, late 19th Century. (Photo by Pictorial Parade/Getty Images)

Allan Pinkerton
In the early 1800’s, there were no established law enforcement agencies or federal authorities to pretend from any mishap like terrorism etc . Security guards were also equipped to go after criminals escaping the state or country which were responded to by the introduction of the security industry.  The Vigiles Urbani who guard the city of Rome was said to be the origin of security personnel. Security guards were called “watchmen” in the old days or middle ages in Europe.
Regulation of the security industry commenced in 1915, wherein the state of California provides licensing and regulation of private security guards under the Administration of the State Board of Prison Directors.
Security guards can make citizen’s arrests or act as an authorized agent of law. Most of the security guards have previous military or police experience.   Security training has also evolved over time just as the compensation have also increased to attract more competent individuals


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