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April 13, 2016
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July 12, 2016
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Patrols + Response

Patrols + Response

Patrolling is the physical visit by a man to beware of a site or premise.
Patrolling is the physical visit as a consequence of an alert initiation or direction to go to.
Patrolling and responding both include checking a reason to guarantee that it is secure. This is principally during times of idleness and non-occupation and regularly at evening time.
The terms “patrolling” and ”on patrol” generally refer to what guard’s do while not handling calls for service— guards do this mostly in patrol cars, but sometimes on foot, on bicycles, on horseback, or the like. While on patrol, officers may look for suspicious behavior, disorder, and unsafe conditions. They may also look for opportunities to interact with the public in casual or more formal situations. This is all considered patrolling.
Our patrol staff have constant support from our command center and are in continual communication with other security staff during each patrol to ensure that support is available if needed should a threat or breach of security be detected.


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