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October 15, 2016
Lahore: Security guard shot dead for resisting robbery
October 26, 2016
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Introduction To Security Guards

Bravo Security Services (BSS) is a special security company that made back in year of 2011.As a self-independent company, it is being administrated by high skilled & well experienced group of members. Bravo aims to focus on meeting the all security & safety needs required in all major & potential parts in Punjab.

Services Provided By Bravo Security:

Bravo provides both armed & unarmed officers with field experience of handling any kind of situation & keep the collateral damage to a minimum level.
Bravo also offers experienced supervisors & female detectives to handle the case vigilantly while remaining vigilant.
Bravo also provides CCTV Operators who can manage the LIVE FEED transmitted by the security cameras with responsibility.
Bravo also provides security services for certain occasions like a Conference, Political Meet up of Leaders & other affairs.
Bravo Security also has the best highly trained & skilled commandos at their disposal which they offer for both political & personal self-security protection.
Bravo also offers escorting services like escorting a VIP person or even a high value Convoy with discretion.
Lastly, bravo also provides car parking & maintaining services.

Disadvantages Of Not Having Security At Workplace:

The presence of even a one security guard at any workplace provides peace of mind & sense of security to not only its Owner but also to its employees & customers. However in this fact if we look at it the opposite way if there is no security at any workplace, the customers, employees & even the owner won’t have that satisfactory feeling while working there , They always have a fear of something’s bound to happen as there isn’t any security guard to protect them.
In this case take an example of a bank nowadays every banks have their security guards posted at the entrance & even inside of the premises. It’s not because they can’t work in non-safe environment but so that when they’re customers come to the bank & see the guards & security posted around, so that they feel safe while going to that certain bank.

What Bravo Security Offers To Secure Your Home & Office

As I mentioned before bravo security offers highly trained & skilled security officers which can be both armed or unarmed depending on the customer’s request, they provide security for both your residential & commercial place so that you can have a peace of mind either you’re at home or at you’re workplace without any fear of unsafely or harm.


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